Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muay Thai Boxing

In order to keep doing things as seen in The Bachelorette (Ashley's season) when she was in Thailand, I obviously had to attend a Muay Thai fight...

A group of us went on Wednesday night to experience Muay Thai Fights. The first pair were only 102 pounds...they looked like they were 12. We were a little hesitant to cheer for children punching each other, but after a beer the guys got into it, and we ended up staying for all of the fights. And what fun would boxing be without a little betting? Naturally, Reed and I bet each other on each of the fights.

Here's the breakdown of the results:
1st match (10 baht) - Reed
2nd match (20 baht) - Reed
3rd match (30 baht) - Reed
4th match (40 baht) - Reed
5th match (50 baht) - Olivia
6th match (60 baht) - Olivia

So basically I barely made it ahead. I was pretty nervous for the first few matches (although 10 baht is really not that much money). But I WON, and Reed owes me 10 baht. He knows I'll never forget it so he better pay me soon!

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