Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spa Treatments in Thailand

Thai Massages
To give you an idea about how amazing Thai massages are, I'll just tell you that during our three weeks in Thailand, I had three Thai massages. They're that amazing. The best part? Only 150 baht ($5) for one hour. They make you put on some goofy clothes (no, I won't include a photo of me in these...they're really ridiculous...especially the giant pants). The masseuse spends the first half with you face up, working on your legs. She uses a combination of pressure and stretching. It reminded me how inflexible I am... She does the same to your arms, then has you flip over to your back so she can walk on top of you then use her hands for your shoulders and neck. Lastly, you sit up and she cracks your back. Afterwards, you feel amazing. Even if it hurt during the process.

Fish Therapy
This is possibly one of the weirdest feelings in the world. I paid 120 baht for 15 minutes of this "fish therapy." Basically, you stick your feet in the water and dozens of little fish come over to suck the dead skin off of your feet. It tickles like crazy, and I'm not even ticklish normally. It was so weird, but I'm glad I stuck it out for the 15 minutes, because my feet feel so much softer now!

Hot Oil Massage
Now, this experience comes with a little story. 
Matt and I explored Chiang Mai University last week, and afterwards we decided to try a “hot oil massage.” Nina told us it was the best thing to experience, so when she dropped us off at the hotel, we went exploring and found a place that would be able to give us hot oil massages if we returned in an hour. During our wanderings, we ran into Andrew, who decided to join us when we returned to the massage parlor. When we arrived, we were asked to sit, and Matt began joking about "happy-ending" massages. We were then led upstairs and on the second level, there was a dark room with a bed and a shower. The woman points to Andrew and said, "Single room for single man?" Matt and I cracked up, dying to know what Andrew was in for. Matt began to get excited about the prospect of getting a happy-ending massage. She led us up two more flights of stairs and into a room for two people... apparently she thought we were a couple? She gave us each "underwear" that more resembled a speedo and told us to change. SO AWKWARD. Thankfully, Matt and I could just laugh about it, but we ended up having our couple's massage. And even though there were two shower-heads in the one shower, we took turns. When it was Matt's turn I told him I promised not to look, and he responded, "I don't mind if you look; I'm not bashful." From that point on we were laughing until we returned to the hotel...Andrew was so confused.
But about the massage: it was really nice, despite the awkwardness at times. The oil was warm, not hot, but it basically just reminded me of a massage I'd get in the U.S. (except in Thailand they also massage your chest). A fun and funny experience all-around. Oh, and Andrew did not end up getting a happy-ending massage, he says they just chatted the whole time.

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